Voluntary medical insurance (VMI)

According to the medical insurance contract, the Insurance event is the application of the Insured person to a Medical facility for services caused by the worsening of the health resulting from an accident  and/or a disease and/or the exacerbation of  chronic diseases and/or other health disorders.


In case of the Insurance event, the Insured person  must immediately contact the Assistance Service, and inform an operator on the following:
  • Full name;
  • Name of the Insurance Company;
  • Insurance Policy’s number;
  • Description of the insurance event, circumstances and the character of the requested assistance;
  • Insurance period;
  • Location and contact phone number.
Depending on the circumstances of the insurance event and character of the requested help, the Assistance Service sends the Insured person to a suitable Medical facility.

If no Services envisaged by the Insurance scheme are available at the Medical facility named in this Contract, the Insurer arranges them at another Medical facility. In this case the Medical facility will be selected by the Insurer.

The services are rendered to the Insured person on presentation of the Insurance policy or Card and the document certifying the Insured person’s identity (passport and the like).