Car insurance



In case of an insurance event, please:
  • Contact the “Golden rhino” for the consultations by the telephone.
  • All applications on the insurance event must be submitted in writing by the Insurant ;
  • The application must be submitted to  “Golden rhino” during 3  business days after the insurance event ;
  • It is also necessary to present the damaged vehicle to the  “Golden rhino” for examination.

Road accident

Road accident it is an event  when a vehicle that moves on the road causes death or injuries to people, damages constructions, vehicles, cargo and so on.

According to the Traffic Regulations, you and the people involved with the road accident must:

1. Immediately stop the vehicle, turn on the flashing lights or install the stop sign without replacing the vehicle and the objects related to the accident;

2. Take necessary measures to render first aid to the victims, call for the ambulance and, in case of emergency, send the victims by the passing transport, but if it is impossible take them by your own vehicle to the nearest medical facility, name yourself, leave your vehicle’s number and return at the place of the accident;

3. In case of traffic interference, first take measures to fix the vehicle’s position, traces and the objects concerned with the traffic accident and ensure their safety, then do your best to free the roadway or arrange the traffic accident’s detour;

4. Inform the police station about the accident, record names and addresses of the witnesses and wait for the policemen to come.

You can call for the traffic police station by the phone 911.

To evacuate the damaged vehicle you may contact  “Golden rhino” (if the insurance contract envisages the coverage of such expenses) by phone.

Damage that is caused to your vehicle by a jumping or a fallen object 

if the vehicle’s damage is caused by a jumping or a fallen object you should:

1. Inform the  “Golden rhino” about the accident;

2. Follow the received instructions.


Damage caused to the vehicle by the third party’s criminal actions
1. In case of a theft of the insured vehicle’s parts and aggregates, wheels, equipment, or other accessories,  contact the  territorial police staff to register the accident.

2. Inform the  “Golden rhino” about the accident;

3. Get the certificate proving the fact of the insurance event from the internal affairs authorities.